Optimisation Potential

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Although we present "best practice" in our database, there are still many oportunities to improve these processes. Many projects and institutions work on this issue (e.g. how to reduce enregy and water consumption). Here you get some of their findings and results:

BREFs Working groups established by the EU develop reference documents for Best Available Techniques (BREFs) for important industrial areas. The composition of those groups, the development of their work and the finalised documents can be found under: IPPC Office
University Jena In a German bmbf project the Institut for Technical and Environmental Chemistry compared metal cleaning processes (using chlorinated agents, hydro carbons and aqueous agents) in respect of their environmental impacts. They also issued recommendations concerning optimization of processes >>
Eco research (Ökorecherche) The German EPA conducted a study evaluating different methods of metl cleaning; the study also brought about optimization potentials as seen by the EPA >>
PIUS Portal for the production intergrated protection of environment presenting good practice examples from degreasing, surface cleaning, waste treatment, .. >>
Fona.de Research findings from the electro plating sector >>
EU OSH Agency Good practice examples, hints, guidelines >>
Enviredox Innovative treatment of electroplating waste water (European project) >>
German EPA manual Manual "Environmental Impacts from Enterprises" - Monitoring and Evaluation by Environmental Management (pdf) >>
Cleaner Production Waste and waste-water minimized electro plating (German EPA pilote project) >>
Ministry for Environment, Austria New business-model: Leasing of chemicals (German) >>

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