Maintenance of Database and Webpages

We started a major database maintenance in the beginning of 2006. We approached all companies, which contributed processes to Cleantool and asked them as to whether their processes had changed meanwhile. The vast majority of the processes remained the same. There were some few where especially the cleaning agent had been replaced by a more modern one. The database entries were amended accordingly.

Whenever we get hints on new and interesting processes we try to approach the companies in order to be allowed to document them and publish them in our database. Roughly every six month we mange to put in a new process.

The webpages are maintained continuosly. This applies mostly to new regulations or guidelines, which are published under "All about cleaning".

Unfortunately only the German partners so far manage to maintain the database and the webpages. The other partners cannot guarantee their share of the work. Thus the processes from those countries may not in every case represent up do date technology.

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